Elisa Missionaries "The Ranch"
Two missionaries from Finland are spreading their gospel of cheap prices across the USA. The first chapter takes them to Texas. 
Elisa Missionaries "Perros Locos"
The Missionaries seem to knock the wrong door this time. Script: Toni Tiusanen, Kari Eilola, Lasse Kangasmaa, BOB The Robot. Cinematographer: Bart Tau. Producer: Katariina Lehtonen, Otto Productions.
This is how it all began. The very first introduction to The Missionaries -series that lasted 5 years and became the most loved commercials ever in Finland. The first three films were shot in Dallas, Texas. This was my first collaboration with our American producer Kim Wolf and cinematographer Bart Tau. And we clicked immediately. 
The Ranch was the first one, Perros Locos is number three. Still one of my favorites, with its attitude leading towards the series' future.
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