Wirepas "Ice Hole"
The proud mother of Ville, the founder of Wirepas, the company behind the best IoT in the world - in her opinion - is having some thoughts while his son and his colleague are taking their morning ritual. Relax and enjoy as this may take a while... Script: Peter Fjäll, BANG Stockholm. Cinematographer: Juge Heikkilä. Producer: Leandro Righini/MacWell, Anders Gernandt/Parapix.
The series starts with these four films. Telling the audience about Wirepas by the mother of Ville. As Finnish people can't brag, she does it for his son. In her very own way.
The 5 minute long opening film is a therapeutic  experience in the world of quick cuts and speeded up storytelling. She takes her time to tell the story. And the point is also that the guys really are 5 minutes in the ice hole!!​​​​​​​
"Story of Ville"
This is the origin story of the company. The mother tells us how Wirepas got started. Her son Ville decided to make a difference. With hard work and a great idea. See if you recognize the young versions of the founders.
"Story of Teppo"
The mother of Ville brings some coffee to the office and tells us some facts about their IoT and also the CEO Teppo.
"Story of Jussi and Juho"
The mother continues her tour around the office. She introduces us to the guys behind the technical revolution. Who also seem to be martial artists. If you believe everything she says.
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