Kotipizza "Pizza Berlusconi"
A little town in Italy gets shocked by a fact that The World Championship of Pizza has been lost to another country. A young man needs to figure out what happened. Script: Jarkko Kutilainen, Juha Murtomäki, N2. Cinematographer: Daniel Lindholm. Producer: Ville Salminen, Also Starring.
This was an absolutely adorable production. We had a small budget and a big ambition. So our producer Ville Salminen managed to fix us in Tuscany, working with our skeleton crew in a small village on top of a hill. We stayed in a local mansion (as only guest as it was off season!) and had dinner every night at the only restaurant in the village (which was our location also). And all the extras were from that little village too, so it felt really like a community film making. We stayed four days in Tuscany, but it stays in our hearts forever.
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