Stay True to John Woo -competition: "Oneway Ticket"
A short film, made for a competition called "Stay True To John Woo". The films were promoting John Woo produced video game "Stranglehold". The idea was to make a homage to John Woo. To copycat his storytelling techniques and to create as John Wooish film as possible. And the length had to be 2 and half minutes sharp (check out the speed of the end titles).
The production of this little action ballet was most interesting. As a huge John Woo fan at the time, I just wanted to make a film into this competition. But it quickly came clear that quite many people were into some action movie making (they don't do them at all in Finland). 
Suddenly I had a crew of 55 professionals working for free to make this happen. The camera rental house gave me cameras and a shitload of dated film stock (it's all shot on 35mm film with 4 cameras!). And the light rental house gave basically two truckloads of light equipment. This was insane. We shot the film in three days in an industrial building about to be teared down. So we had unlimited possibilities to destroy what we needed/wanted.
During the production it came clear why action cinema is so popular. It's not because they are fun to watch, it's because they are so much fun to make!
Still thank you for all the people who helped to make this one. It is forever.
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