Hesburger "Chuck Norris: Skip The Line"
A legendary action icon shows up in Hesburger. And he has an ace in his sleeve. Script: Matias Mero, Sari Kelkka, SFB Agency. Cinematographer: Tuomo Virtanen. Producer: Katariina Lehtonen, Otto Tuotanto.
When I heard that Chuck Norris is coming to a Hesburger ad, I told the producer Katariina Lehtonen that 'Nobody can direct that film except me'. She agreed with a smile. For a martial artist and a kung fu movie fan, this was a dream come true. To not only meet, but to be able to direct a living legend. 
I was excited and very, very nervous at the first time we had a meeting. But instead of being a big, distant star, he was the friendliest, most down to earth man ever. I had such a wonderful time for those short hours that we shot two films. And we had great conversations about Bruce Lee - of course.
Little bonus was that I was able to sneak my both - then karate practicing - sons in as extras. So they have met Chuck too. My younger son even does a fist bump with him!
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