Fonecta "020202 Landia"
A Big commercial for 020202 services. With just one number you can find anything in Finland. Shot with 35mm film in Finland and South Africa. Script: Jarkko Tuuri, Petteri Vilkki, SEK. Cinematographer: Daniel Pearl, ASC. Producer: Johannes Lassila, Also Starring.
This was a huge production in Finnish scale, with seven days to shoot. The winter scenes in the beginning were shot in Helsinki and Tampere, the summer scenes in Cape Town, South Africa. And finally the end scene in Lapland, Finland, in a terrible snow storm. We had such a great time making this one. Still looks nice after so many years.
This was my second film with legendary cinematographer Daniel Pearl. The man behind hundreds of music videos from November Rain to Billie Jean. Such a great guy and he has some incredible stories!!!
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